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Philips Project Manager, IT User Experience in Bangalore, India


Lead User Experience

In this role, you have the opportunity to

Enhance the User Experience for Philips Customers as well as for the Philips workforce, thereby providing a powerful impact to Philips.

You are responsible for

  • Leading projects which improve the overall UX effort within Philips IT. Help in ensuring that the overall experience of a platform / business unit improves

  • You will be involved in -

Measuring User Experience

Look at structured and unstructured data to understand and measure the overall User Experience. Consistently Track and measure overall IT Experience Performance. Establishing multiple methods to collect Voice of customer feedback and data and Interpret them.

Targeting Improvement Areas –

Managing and conducting extensive user research to look at user needs and map out current areas of improvement. Continuously ensuring UX principles are adhered to through the lifecycle of the program. Working with the experience researcher and designer in putting together the overall UX storyboard.

  • Creating standard UX guidelines to be used across the organization. Influencing decisions to be taken based on UX works done.

  • Work towards Establishing a common UI framework to be used across the organization.

  • Defining benchmarks for ease of standardization and effectiveness.

  • Adhering a Design thinking mindset across the organization.

  • Providing innovative solutions to improve User Experience such as implementing Digital Adoption Platforms etc.

  • Controlling time & budget of the various UX programs being run.

You are a part of

The newly created User Experience team in IT which will work towards ensuring a better experience for those who use Philip IT’s solutions and services. The goal of the team is to constantly measure, target and improve User Experience of Philips IT.

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience

  • Broad expertise or unique knowledge in the field of UX/UI.

  • Domain knowledge & skills to secure professional order intake and ensures that the UX needs are measured against the strategic direction of the company.

  • Experience in development of new or strategic concepts or products.

  • Knowledge of the functionality and options available in industry-standard.

  • Master’s degree, or equivalent ideally in UX studies , cognitive psychology, sociology and business.

  • PMI/Agile training .

  • Basic proficiency in data analysis and creating/reading reports.

  • Successful background as UX designer.

  • Creative Director experience in digital agency or software house.

  • Work with cross functional teams located across the globe.