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Westrock Company HR Representative in Humboldt, Tennessee

Job Summary: The HR Generalist is responsible for overseeing employee relations, policies and

procedures, recruitment and talent management for an assigned client group. This position is

responsible for serving as the business liaison for managing union relationships while assisting with

human resource initiatives designed to drive continuous improvement of HR and business

performance metrics. Overall, the HR Generalist is responsible for providing day-to-day HR functional


Major Job Responsibilities:

Business Excellence

 Create strategic business partnerships with front-line employees and supervisors to promote

positive employee relations

 Create progressive plans to monitor, review and make suggestions for corrective actions for

attendance, punctuality, conduct and performance issues

 Implement human resource policies and procedures to ensure compliance with local

requirements and reporting

 Coordinate recruitment efforts, establish interview and selection procedures, develop job

announcements and interview materials, and conduct interviews

 Investigate questions and/or complaints to resolve employee relations issues

People and Culture

 Serve as first point of contact for employee relations to manage grievance procedures

 Administration of the collective bargaining agreement and union contract negotiations (where


 Coach and advise front-line employees and managers regarding employee relations policies,

contractual agreements interpretation and proper operating procedures

 Partner with Talent Acquisitions to manage the workforce plan development and

implementation, assisting with compensation and training initiatives

Critical Skills / Capabilities:

 Time Management: Plans, prioritizes, and manages time spent on accomplishing tasks to

increase productivity and efficiency; demonstrates awareness and control over amount of time

spent on activities; meets deadlines

 Communication: Clearly exchanges thoughts, ideas, and messages through written, verbal,

and non-verbal methods that promote an understanding with the target audience; listens

carefully and attentively Job Description


 Analytical: Demonstrates a general understanding of various sources of information or data

that are relevant to the business; summarizes or integrates information for routine problems or

issues with oversight from others as necessary

 Customer-Oriented: Demonstrates concern for satisfying external and/or internal customers;

resolves customer issues in a timely manner; communicates with customers to ensure

alignment and satisfaction; ability to operate with customers' best interests in mind

 Interpersonal Skills: Can relate to and communicate effectively with others to build rapport

and relationships

 Problem-Solving: Identifies and analyzes problems; weighs relevance and accuracy of

information; generates and evaluates alternative solutions; makes recommendations;

demonstrates tackling a problem by using a logical, systematic, or sequential approach

 Decision-Making: Plans and decides on the course of action while allowing for flexibility to

support ad-hoc scenarios; demonstrates ability to balance competing priorities

 Collaboration: Works effectively with others to complete a task or achieve a common

objective; ability to cooperate in both interpersonal and team relationships to foster

enthusiasm and maintain mutual trust, candor, and respect for others. Works through conflict