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Defense Security Service INDUSTRIAL SECURITY SPECIALIST in Huntsville, Alabama

Summary DCSA's Industrial Security Office is looking for an Industrial Security Specialist with expertise in a variety of interrelated security disciplines. This person will conduct recurring security vulnerability assessments of cleared industrial facilities performing on classified contracts for the U.S. government per Executive Order and DoD Regulations. This role requires a change agent who has the ability to foster relationships with multiple stakeholders. Be a part of America's Gatekeeper Team! Responsibilities As a INDUSTRIAL SECURITY SPECIALIST you will be responsible for the following duties: Provide security oversight as the primary DoD security interface for assigned cleared contractor facilities relative to the establishment and maintenance of a security program in compliance with the NISP. Provide subject matter expertise in a variety of interrelated security disciplines to include Personnel, Physical, Intrusion Detections Systems (IDS), Communications (COMSEC), Information (INFOSEC), International Programs Export Controls, Operations (OPSEC), Specials Access Program (SAP), Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI), Information Systems and Emergency Planning. Utilize risk management principles in the analysis, selections aid application of effective security countermeasures (SCM). Conduct security surveys of assigned contractor facilities involving the evaluation of organizational structures and legal operating plans including corporate charters, bylaws, partnership agreements, limited-liability company agreements, joint-ventures operating agreements, shareholder and loan agreements, registrations SEEC filings, and annual reports, to determine eligibility for a facility security clearance. Brief senior contractor management and other officials in obtaining requisite personnel security clearances. Briefs senior contractor management and other officials on the terms mid conditions of the DoD Security Agreement and establishment of required NISP security policies and procedures. Execute DoD Security Agreements on behalf of the DCSA. Obtains executed Certificates Pertaining to Foreign Interests, assisting contract officials in completing the certificate, when necessary. Provide advice and assistance to contract management regarding methods to mitigate elements of FOCI. Evaluates elements of FOCI and adjudicates FOCI cases locally when appropriate. Conduct recurring security vulnerability assessments (SVA) of cleared industrial facilities performing on classified contracts for the U.S. government, including especially sensitive Special Access Programs. Conducts administrative inquiries of serious security violations occurring at contractor facilities to include the loss, compromise or suspected compromise of classified information/material. Prepare detailed after action reports for submission to higher headquarters. Provide security oversight and assistance to assigned contractor facilities for information systems (IS) processing classified information. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications The experience described in your resume will be evaluated and screened from the Office of Personnel Management's (OPMs) basic qualifications requirements. See: for OPM qualification standards, competencies and specialized experience needed to perform the duties of the position as described in the MAJOR DUTIES and QUALIFICATIONS sections of this announcement by 10/03/2022 Applicant must have directly applicable experience that demonstrates the possession of the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies necessary for immediate success in the position. Qualifying experience may have been acquired in any public or private sector job, but will clearly demonstrate past experience in the application of the particular competencies/knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform the duties of the position. Specialized experience required for this position is: Routinely applying the use of the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) related to Special Access Programs (SAP), Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E), and international programs; Providing security oversight for cleared contractor facilities relative to the establishment and maintenance of a security program; Demonstrating facility clearance surveys, security vulnerability assessments (SVA) and other NISP required field actions in training new representatives; Preparing final reports and formal correspondence regarding serious violations during inspections; Assessing all features and safeguards to monitor compliance with statutes, regulations and contract security clauses relating to required controls and protection of sensitive material. Specifically you will be evaluated on the following competencies: 1. Communications: Communicate (i.e., written and oral) rights, responsibilities, management directives, policies, and/or regulations to employees, supervisors, and/or other pertinent individuals. 2. Risk Management: Knowledge of the principles, methods, and tools used for risk assessment and mitigation, including assessment of failures and their consequences. 3. Security: Knowledge of the laws, regulations, and guidelines related to securing personnel, facilities, and information, including the requirements for handling, transporting, and protecting classified information and proper reporting of security incidents. 4. Vulnerabilities Assessment and Management: Conducts assessments on threats and vulnerabilities, determines the level of risk, and develops and recommends appropriate mitigation countermeasures in operational and non-operational situations. Conducts assessments in a counterintelligence context to protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, and sabotage conducted for, by, or on behalf of malicious insiders, foreign powers, organizations or persons, or international terrorist activities. Education Substitution of education may not be used in lieu of specialized experience for this grade level. Additional Information DCSA, as a newly designated Defense Agency is undergoing a multi-year transformation that includes a significant expansion of predecessor agencies' authorities and responsibilities. Mission accretion and associated growth in personnel and resources requires deliberate coordination and planning across operations and support activities to achieve effective outcomes while simultaneously establishing and integrating new activities, initiatives and projects. The new organization will be comprised of nearly 13,000 government and contractor personnel operation throughout the United States and overseas supporting stakeholders across the federal government. VETERANS PREFERENCE/CURRENT OR FORMER FEDERAL In accordance with DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 2005, veterans preference is not required to be applied when considering candidates with prior Federal competitive or excepted service who have completed a probationary or trial period and have not been separated for cause. Therefore, veterans preference will not be applied to applicants with current federal service, or former federal civilian service meeting the above criteria. Other Notes: Re-employed Annuitant: This position does not meet criteria for re-employed annuitant. The DoD criteria for hiring Re-employed Annuitants can be found at: Applicants selected from this announcement may be required to serve a two-year trial period. If selected, Federal employees currently serving in the competitive service must acknowledge that they will voluntarily leave the competitive service by accepting an offer of employment for a DCIPS excepted service positions. If selected, non-DCIPS candidates must acknowledge in writing that the position they have been selected for is in the excepted service and covered by DCIPS. Selection under this appointment authority does not confer civil service competitive status. All current and former Federal employees must submit a copy of your latest SF50 (Notification of Personnel Action) showing your tenure, grade and step, and type of position occupied (i.e., Excepted or Competitive); or similar Notification of Personnel Action documentation, i.e., Transcript of Service, Form 1150, etc.