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Mifflin County County Caseworker 1 in Lewistown, Pennsylvania

To be considered for County Caseworker 1 positions for children and youth agencies, you will first need to apply to the online examination at andndash; the job title is County Caseworker 1 (LG) CandY (Online Exam) andndash; Local Government. You will be required to meet eligibility requirements, complete supplemental questions and receive an examination score. After receiving your exam score for the online examination, you may submit applications for specific postings that correspond to the online examination you completed. Mifflin County is county number 44. This process must be completed on or before 3/10/2021. Late applications will not be considered. POSITION PURPOSE: *Implementing initial action plans on new Intake calls, conducting follow-up visits and review of existing cases, conducting CPS investigations, and assuring clients have access to service providers. *To provide and/or coordinate services and goals for families to help strengthen and stabilize the family unit to prevent out of home placement and to work cooperatively with families to ensure the safety of children, while encouraging healthy family environments, so that the family unit may remain intact. *To provide and/or to coordinate services and goals for families and to monitor family progress thus helping to strengthen and stabilize the family unit in an effort to reunite child(ren) with their families and to provide some permanency for the child(ren) while in placement (foster care, residential treatment or pre-adoption care) for whom reunification is no longer an option through adoption or Subsidized Permanent Legal Custodianship (SPLC). DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: *Make initial contact with new client by telephone, home, school and office visits. *Implement initial action plan with new cases. *Visit each child in foster home, facility, etc. at least once each 30 days. *Conduct client visits at least once every 30 days in a variety of settings. *Provide emergency response to clients. *Transports of child(ren) to placement (foster homes, institutional facilities). *Visit home of biological parents once every 30 days. *Conduct unannounced home visits and lifestyle checks to the home of biological parents. *Develop Family Service Plans and develop/implement Child Permanency Plans to meet the needs of the child and family. *Review the Child Permanency Plan monthly with the family. *Conducts court ordered supervised visits between child and parents. *Observe and monitor supervised visits at least once per month and document observations. *Conduct monthly staffing to receive case manage from supervisor. *Attend court hearings for child(ren) placed in emergency custody of the agency that will be moving directly into placement. *Prepare documentation and court summaries; attend dependency review hearings once every 5 months; attend court hearings when necessary. *Provide court testimony. *Conduct Intake screening when needed. *Attend or participant in Individual Education Plan/Individual Service Plan/Multi-disciplinary Treatment Team Meeting meetings, etc. *Contacts various service providers to arrange for them to work with clients. *Identify/recommend/refer to provider services and team members in the community. *Maintain open communication with service providers to obtain information. *Work collaboratively with service providers and team members in the community. *Conduct risk and safety assessments and implement safety plans when appropriate. *Conduct drug screenings, pill counts, and confirmation of prescriptions. *Communicates with clients to schedule visits, meetings, etc. *Inputs case notes. *Work openly and collaboratively with families. *Maintain awareness of agency policies. *Mentor new caseworkers as requested. *Maintain family file in accordance with State and Federal Regulations. *Update CAPS database with new address, contact info, etc. on existing cases. *Condu