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Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center Application Analyst - Full Time in PATCHOGUE, New York

Reports to the Applications Manager and is responsible for coordinating and assisting in all activities as they pertain to the various components of the Hospital Information System (HIS). The position encompasses, but is not limited to area specific assistance with program analysis and development; education and training; system adaptations; policy and procedures; application, hardware and network evaluation; workflow and departmental analysis; compliance with regulatory agencies, i.e., State, Federal, DNV, HIPAA, etc.; data and information confidentiality and security and Total Quality Improvement (TQI) efforts relating to information services and systems. The Systems Analyst has access to patient, employee and organizational information and must maintain it in the strictest confidence.

  • With “regular” oversight from Manager, Coordinate Project Team Members to achieve desired results within established timeframes. Team members may be internal hospital staff, external company staff, etc.

  • Maintain specific project documentation. This evolving documentation may be in the form of a Project Charter and will include, but is not limited to: an Issues list, tasks to be accomplished, responsible parties, status, history and comments. This documentation must be current at all times. This documentation many times will serve as the meeting/conference call agenda, the "to do" list, etc.

  • Must exhibit superior Organizational Skills to be used to keep the project on course, on time, etc. These organizational skills are needed to accomplish the 2 bullet items above.

  • Must exhibit excellent Interpersonal Skills, working with various departments when implementing a New System. Work in coordination with the ancillary department project manager, if one exists. We need to know when to allow the ancillary department project manager to take the lead role and when we may need to step forward to take the lead. Each project is different.

  • Work in concert with the Applications Manager, all analysts, the CIO, the Network and Operations Staff, the Ancillary Departments and the outside companies, while maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

  • Document steps followed to resolve complex, time consuming and/or rare issues

  • Submit Change Requests for approval, as appropriate

  • Maintain the call volumes in your Help Desk Request Queue.

  • Maintain adequate Help Desk Request Response Times.

  • Assist End Users with Software Related issues. Identify if it is a software BUG, a user educational issue or a new (programming required) request.

  • For software BUGS - conduct appropriate research/analysis to possibly identify and implement fix.

  • For End User Educational Issues - Provide direct education to the user or find the appropriate knowledge base and instruction for this end user to become more self-sustaining.

  • Help identify and implement solutions for new (programming needed) issues, and requests. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Ask “good, probing questions" to ensure that the solution meets the needs of the request and will resolve their issue. We must learn to ask very good, detailed questions, of the end user, stakeholders and co-workers, to avoid expending time and resources on potentially the wrong solution.

  • Maintain Effective Time Management, while juggling multiple tasks, priorities and projects.

  • Express clearly, to the end users and Applications Manager, the realistic expectation of the work to be done and the associated timeframe for completion.

  • When working on a project, meet with the end user on a frequent/regular basis to ensure progress to date is what is expected, to ensure the scope of the project has not changed, to concur on the expected completion date.

  • Communicate with other Analysts, Applications Manager, Operations and Network Staff (when appropriate) of any changes that could possibly affect their areas of responsibility. Keep in mind, Operations is the first area to receive a phone call or Help Desk Request (HDR) from an end user.

  • Communicate frequently with Management, on progress and milestones that transpire. Keep management informed of issues that may impact project scope or that may require escalation. This communication can be as simple as cc’ing the manager on emails generated by way of your efforts on the project.

  • Document steps followed to resolve complex, time consuming and/or rare issues

  • Prioritize projects and Help Desk Requests routinely, at least weekly, to ensure productivity and efficiency are at the optimum. Prioritize items with the Applications Manager, when needed.

  • On a continuous basis, as appropriate, present/share knowledge gained with the other analysts.

  • Attend at least one educational session per year.

    Completion of a Bachelor's Degree in computer science or a related field, or demonstrates equivalent life experience in the field.

    Requires 0 – 3 years of work experience in the Information Services setting, or similar field, or commensurate work experience in a related Health Care environment, i.e., Nursing, Laboratory, Business Office, etc…

    Requires significant supervision and guidance.

    Must possess excellent Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.

    Must possess excellent Interpersonal Skills in order to maintain a professional working relationship within Information Services and all other Hospital Departments.

    Must possess Project Management Skills.

    Must display initiative on projects and Help Desk Requests.

    Must possess the ability to communicate effectively both written and verbally.

Requisition ID: 2020-13362

Hours (Work Schedule): 9am-5pm Monday – Friday

External Company Name: Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center

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