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ITT INC. Warehouse Keep in Shenzhen, China

Job Description:


To manage the safety of warehouse goods, ensure the goods are in good condition and the normal production, as well as the management of quantity, quality and final delivery of finished products.

A) List the essential functions and major activities in order of their importance.

1.Release materials to production according tp PMC work order to keep production smooth running and follow first-in-first-out rules.

2.Do QAD transaction daily to be in accordance with WO release, and check QAD transactions and ensure material records are accurate.

3.Carefully check the contents of material delivery list, GRN sheet and other documents every day, check the product name, specification, quantity and material number in detail, check the quantity and put them into storage in time to ensure the accuracy.

4.Receive materials returned from the production line timely, and count defective products then make QAD transaction.

5.Divide the material area according to the product series for management and monitor storage environment of the material, follow height limit and overweight stacking rules and outside box labeling requirements, and guarantee the safety of materials.

6.Complete the weekly cycle inventory and year-end inventor regularly and timely to ensure the consistency of account, mark and stock.

7.According to the import notice of the logistics department, check the material part number quantity, quantity, weight and other information of the incoming materials to avoid shortages, mixed packaging, and inconsistencies in the documents.

8.Regularly check the storage period of the materials in each storage location, and submit the quality re-inspection application in time to avoid quality problems of the materials due to the over-storage period and affect the production plan.

9.Check and process the receipts such as the picking list and the payment list every dat to deduct the account in the QAD system to avoid inconsistencies between the system account data and the actual product.

10.Complete the work tasks assigned by the superior on time, and finish the work daily.

11.Assisted in the weekly delivery of finished products.

B)Safety is a core value at ITT. You responsibilities include:

  • Accountability for your safety and that of your fellow employees.

  • Actively participating in incident investigations.

  • Report all incidents no matter how minor to your manager, lead or ESH&S leader.

  • Understanding the risks and hazards of your job by reading and following all work instructions, job safety analyses and safety data sheets(SDS) and complying with required personal protective equipment(PPE) requirements.




ITT Cannon



EEO Statement:

Minimum Education Requirements:

High School or Equivalent

Paid Relocation Available?:


Percent of Travel Required:


Position Title:

Warehouse Keep

Skills and Experience:

  1. High School graduation and above;

  2. At least 1 year Warehouse keep experience;

  3. Knowledge: Warehouse management knowledge, chemical safety management knowledge.

  4. Good computer skills, good professional spirit;

Work Location: