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Pipeline Health System, LLC Certified Nursing Assistant Med/Surg III Full Time 12-Hour Day Shift in United States

We’re Here for Our Communities.

With four hospitals in Los Angeles, California, we are focused on providing the care and service our communities deserve – including 24/7 emergency care.

Our staff, physicians and corporate leaders share a commitment to empower those in our communities to live the healthiest lives possible. Our patients are a diverse population living in underserved areas – individuals and families who come to us for quality care delivered with compassion. We believe every individual deserves just that.

We understand the impact we have on our neighbors and our potential to improve the overall health of the communities we serve. In a recent survey of employees across our Pipeline Health organization, employees told us that the work they do is meaningful to them. Survey respondents gave this statement an average score of 4.6 on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being “strongly agree.”

Inside our hospitals, our dedicated teams enjoy a family-like work environment as we serve our patients together. Employee engagement is a high priority as we are working to ensure that we have a work environment that employees enjoy, an environment where they can succeed.

Furthermore, our values define who we aspire to be. They guide us each and every day.

• Passion

• Innovation

• Compassion

• Integrity

• Resilience

Our Pipeline Health family of hospitals includes:

• Memorial Hospital of Gardena (CA)

• Coast Plaza Hospital (Norwalk, CA)

• Community Hospital of Huntington Park (CA)

• East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital (CA)

Each of our Pipeline hospitals is proud to boast a number of awards and accreditations for critical services. Working together, our Los Angeles hospitals have created a successful Patient Hub – a transfer center that moves eligible patients from other hospitals to available beds in our hospitals for quality care.

CNAs (12 hour)

Base Rate: $17.81 - $24.93

12 hr. shifts- overtime is paid after 8 hours, resulting in an average rate of $20.78 – $29.09\

Job Summary:

Performs under the supervision of a licensed nurse, provides individually assigned patient care activities based upon established patient care policies, procedures, state, federal, and regulatory board requirements. Active and enthusiastic member of the healthcare team with responsibilities to include monitoring of patient vitals signed, providing patient hygiene and comfort measures, assisting with the medical procedures and fulfilling nutritional needs. Actively and consistently contributes to department operations and communications, behaves in a manner consistent with the mission, vision, and values of Pipeline Health, upholding standards of AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank you) patient communication.

Essential Functions:

· Demonstrates proficiency in providing safe, effective patient care including but not limited to: ADL’s, mobility, and safety concerns.

  • Ability to accurately document pertinent patient information including but not limited to vital signs, intake and output, height and weight, and other care observations.

· Turn or reposition bedridden patients.

· Review patients' dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences to ensure patient receives appropriate diet.

  • Accurately obtains and records in EMR (Electronic Medical Record) results of glucose monitoring and ACT Plus analyzer. Accurately runs controls on glucometer and ACT Plus analyzers and documents QC (Quality Control) appropriately. Ensures that control bottles and test cartridges are dated accurately.

· Performs tasks delegated timely and documents such in a timely and accurate manner.

· Unit stock and maintenance duties as established by the department.

· Assist in daily checks of equipment in the department and assure its function and replacement status

· Uses clear, concise, professional communication with coworkers, patients, all customers internal and external.

· Uses AIDET in interactions with patients and family members. Utilizes white boards for patient communication.

  • Collaborates across disciplines to assist in coordination of patient care, including but not limited to patient transfer, discharge, referrals, and spiritual/psychosocial support needs.

· Acts with a sense of urgency when performing tasks.

  • Basic unit/department maintenance such as keeping files, drawers, cabinets free from unnecessary clutter. Reports on any equipment and or environmental issues for repair.

· Abides by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

  • Utilizes SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) when communicating with oncoming shift, physician communication and giving report to ancillary or other nursing services.

· Speaks up to stop the line and escalates potential safety events if necessary.

· Completes and attends monthly training assigned.

· May float to other areas of the hospital as needed.

· Other duties as assigned.

Behavioral Standards:

  • Treats everyone as their customer; utilizes scripting and other tools to ensure consistency in customer service; Expresses recognition and shows appreciation to others; fully utilizes AIDET principles; responds quickly to handle requests, complaints and questions; displays a positive attitude.

· Demonstrates the highest level of professionalism, passion and care when interacting with patients, families, physicians, and hospital staff members.

  • Using a lens of equity in all aspects of patient care delivery, education, and research to promote policies and practices to allow opportunities for all to thrive and reach their potential, embracing ingenuity to service our customers.


  • Wears nametag properly; follows dress code policy; answers phone correctly and promptly; is prepared for meetings; meets deadlines; does not participate in gossip; acts ethically and treats others with respect; respects customer’s and co-worker’s time; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and co-workers.


  • Attends staff meetings; follows HIPAA guidelines; follows patient rights policy; complies with the compliance program; demonstrates knowledge of role in a disaster; demonstrates knowledge of fire and fire drill procedures; working knowledge of hospital emergency codes; always utilizes standard precautions in the clinical setting; safely manages the environment of care by demonstrating a working knowledge of the requirements of the: Life Safety program, Utilities Management program, Hazardous Materials program, Emergency Preparedness program, Safety Management program, Medical Equipment Management program, Security Management program.